The Danbury Garden Club was founded in 1925 and celebrated our 90th year anniversary in 2015.  The Club became a Charter Member of the Federated Garden Clubs of Connecticut, Inc. in 1929, www.ctgardenclubs.org.  We are a member of National Garden Clubs, Inc. and The New England Region of National Garden Clubs, Inc.

The Club’s Objectives are:

  • To promote an interest in horticulture

  • To increase knowledge of the artistic use of plant material

  • To sponsor civic projects

  • To further the conservation of natural resources and wildlife

Awards received in 2019

National Garden Clubs:

  • Certificate of Appreciation - Video. Large Club

  • Tommy Donnan certificate of Merit - Membership brochure, large club

The Federated Garden Clubs of Connecticut:

  • Award of Honor(large club 60 to 80)

  • Civic Development Award

  • Garden Therapy Award of Excellence

  • Historic, Memorial and Public Gardens, Award of Excellence

  • Garden Therapy

  • Newsletter,

  • Publiclications, Certificate of Merit, Membership brochure 

  • Yearbook Award -class V(70 to 90)

  • Youth Award, Certificate of Appreciaton

  • Special Project - Community Action